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Our mission is to always be a market leader in manufacturing, developing, innovating, and designing all types of apparel products while satisfying the demands of our customers. Our objective is to make our manufacturing process an easy, fun, and exciting experience for our customers. To always exceed our customer’s expectations by providing a product that excels in quality, design, looks, and premium feel.

Experto has the widest range of products manufacturing capacity and we always aim to maintain full ownership and control of our product line. Our team of professionals and experienced workers is dedicated to provide the best-class manufacturing services to the global market


Our vision is to revamp the process of developing and manufacturing textile products by eliminating the problems of manufacturing overseas.To be the most recognizable clothing manufacturer in a global market that excels in making world-class quality products and has the widest collection of apparel products. To make such an environment where people could learn, inspire and grow together.

Make this world safe and clean by playing a positive part in corporate social responsibility and by implementing such systems that put an end to pollution and global warming. Through our approach, our vision is to make more networks with world-leading brands across the globe.

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Top-Notch Quality


We are dedicated to provide top-notch quality products that are outstanding in every aspect, whether it’s build quality, feel, or design.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been our priority, we always try to deliver products that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Customer satisfaction


Our team of professionals is always there to contribute to making new ideas and solving different problems that come our way. We are confident in our team that is always there to support.

Safe and healthy environment

We always strive to provide our employees and workers with the safe and healthy workplace to work together and make progress.

Safe and healthy environment


We work tirelessly to provide our customers with the most up-to-date and latest products. By making use of innovative manufacturing methods to attain better results and quality


We believe honesty is the keystone of success, that’s why we always strive to work with integrity and collaboratively to deliver the best quality products that we have promised.

Trust And Brand Integrity


Is a leading clothing manufacturing company that offers the most extensive list of clothing items with hundreds of customization options. We have been serving global businesses with supreme quality products that are created with perfection and great care. Back then in 2012, Experto started as a small manufacturing company in Sialkot, Pakistan. But with our diligent hard work and dedication, we are now standing as the leading clothing company in the global industry. Experto provides the one-stop solution for all types of apparel production, no matter what type of designing, printing, or embroidery you need, we are always there to serve you. Having more than 10 years of industry experience with many global brands, Experto is the perfect choice for any business that wants to grow and succeed in the apparel industry.

clothing manufacturer

What we offer?

We offer the widest collection of apparel manufacturing options at competitive prices without compromising on the quality.
We are committed to provide our customers with highest standard apparel products.
All our products are made by the hands of professionals and experienced workers.


Experto has the capability to manufacture all types of products, whether its t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sportswear, casual wear, gym wear, swimsuits, scrubs, or school uniforms. Other than manufacturing, we are also skilled to provide all types of customization services including, screen printing, DTG printing, heat press printing, sublimation printing, digital printing, custom embroidery, and many more. We are also proficient of providing small as well as large scale production. Our monthly production capacity is about 2,50,000 for a single type of product.

Here are also some factors that define our capabilities

  • Work experience with many European brands.
  • Exceptional quality products with 100% guaranteed quality
  • Dedicated R&D (development and Research) Department for new innovations.
  • Automated and controlled machinery for product packaging at a fast pace.
  • Up-to-date list of the latest designs that gets updated every week.
  • Professional and Experienced staff capable of great communication and management skills.
  • Best quality control systems that surpass all international standards.


We are working tirelessly and striving to achieve new innovative methods, skills, and techniques that enable us to deliver maximum output and enhance production capacity. As we manufacture different types of clothing products, so the production capacity varies on the type of clothing product.

We can manufacture monthly

We have more than 800 manufacturing machines including;


Experto has about 1,80,000 square feet area allocated for its manufacturing facilities which totally consist of 5 buildings and 10 Production halls. All the buildings and the production system is 24 hours backup with electric generators as well as 100+ solar panels to ensure production efficiency and on-time delivery.

Our buildings not only consist of production halls but also container yards and warehouses to store our finished products. Experto also has a 2,00,000 feet square area which further can be extended for manufacturing purposes.

The Faculty Consists Of;

Corporate Social Responsibility


We visualize to become a company that is Eco-friendly and socially responsible. That’s why we put our efforts into making this environment more sustainable for later generations. Our company is always committed to adopt such practices that are essential for making a clean and green society. To accomplish the vision, Experto gives its highest priority to creating a much greener, healthier, and more sustainable society. We have implemented the systems that can help us make a sustainable environment, that includes:

  • Use of waste management systems.
  • Use of Solar panels as an alternate energy source.
  • Use of water in a careful manner to preserve this earth’s natural resource for a later generation.
  • Use of such systems that further decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Community-Based Initiatives

Here is a complete list of our all-community projects:

  1. Contribution to social security.
  2. Advanced water filtration plants for the public and employees.
  3. Different donation programs to help the community.
  4. Free medical aid for poor or needy people.
    Worker welfare funds for all eligible employees.
  5. Save up to 30% on energy costs by making use of solar panels.
  6. Reduce leftover material wastage by about 30%.
    Plants about 2,00,000 Trees.
  7. Reduce 5% carbon footprint per every single garment.


R&D(Research And Development)

Experto is known for its unmatched quality production, new innovative ideas, and excellent customer service which is available 24/7 to assist you. We have a dedicated Research and development department which includes a team of professional graphic designers, fashion designers, a sourcing team, pattern designers, and a development team.

Our development team is working day and night to provide new innovations, manufacturing methods, products, and designs by making use of the latest technology and methods like pattern making, Dye cutting, plotters, and CAD Programs. Our qualified R&D Team knows all the market trends and is able to create such innovative products that can satisfy all the customer’s standards.


To deliver 100% Quality

We manufacture clothing products that are outstanding in the quality. It’s our commitment to always deliver the best quality products that exceed our customer’s expectations whether is stitching, embroidery, custom printing, build quality, fitting or luxurious look of the garment.  Customer satisfaction is always been our first objective, so we utilize our maximum potential and make use of the latest technology to deliver products that satisfy our customer’s requirements. Here’s why we are always able to deliver 100% guaranteed quality products. With our:

  • R&D (Research and Development) Facilities.
  • 5-Star Quality Management Systems.
  • Automated and Mechanized Manufacturing process.

Employee Benefits

We believe that our employees are the biggest asset for our company that’s why always make sure to provide them with maximum benefits and facilities.


We provide all our employees an increment of 10% from their date of joining. The salary is also increased depending on employee performance and hard work.


We provide yearly bonuses to all our eligible working employees. Including the annual leave for festive events.

Life insurance policy

The life insurance policy is applicable to all our employees. All our employees are ensured and registered with social security and life insurance policy.  In case of the death of an employee, the company pays the full insurance to the employee’s family according to the law.

Other benefits provided to our employees

  1. Medical facilities.
  2. Easy transportation facility.
  3. Lunch and meal facility.
  4. Grant for marriage.
  5. Funeral Expenses.
  6. Clean and healthy workplace.
  7. Interest free loans.

What we Do ?

CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) Clothing Manufacturer

Apparel Manufacturing

We offer the widest collection of apparel manufacturing options at competitive prices without compromising on quality. We are committed to provide our customers with the highest standard apparel products. All our products are made by the professionals and experienced workers.

Private Label Manufacturing

We also provide private-label clothing manufacturing services. By collaborating with brands we make products under the brands label. All types of customization options like custom fabric, color, size, printing, and embroidery are available for private label manufacturing.

Private labeling
Cutting and Sewing

Cut and sew Manufacturing

Our cut-and-sew manufacturing services are also exceptional. From pattern making to sewing the final product, we handle all the processes with great care and precision. That’s why all our products are made with perfection. We offer on-demand cut and sew services with any customization option you desire.

All Types of Clothing Printing

We provide different types of clothing printing using our latest technology. The printing options we offer include digital printing, sublimation printing, DTG printing, screen printing, and heat pressing. There are hundreds of customizations and designs available for clothing printing with impressive colors.

printing and dying hoodies
All type of custom printing & embroidery

Custom Embroidery

We do all types of custom embroidery for different clothing needs. The embroidery patterns are crafted using the latest technology machines.  Our professional designers can help you craft any design you want for your custom clothing line. The number of these amazing and eye-catching embroidery designs is endless.


Why Experto should be the NO.1 Choice Of Every Brand

Provide quality customer service and maintain client relationships

We Guarantee 100% Quality

You will never find a manufacturer that provides you quality guarantee for every product. We have implemented strict production rules and Quality control systems that make sure every piece of garment we make meets all the quality standards of our client.

No restrictions over Quantity

Experto is one of the rare manufacturers that offer no quantity restrictions over any clothing product. Whether You want just one piece of our premium manufactured garment or thousands. It’s totally up to you. As we aim to support the new emerging brands, our NO MOQ policy makes it easier for such startup brands to start their business in the clothing industry without worrying about quantity restrictions and cost.

No limit To Quantity
You Get the Full Support of Experts

We Will Support You at Every Step

Is your brand struggling with no sales due to low-quality garments or you are out of new ideas and missing the latest garment styles? Don’t worry we can help you. Experto provides the solution by delivering premium quality products in all the latest designs and styles. With our years of experience with many established European brands, we know what will work for you. Our experienced consultancy team is 24/7 available to assist you with new business ideas.

Fast Production and Delivery

With the use of the latest automated manufacturing machines, Experto is able to manufacture and deliver your garments up to 50% time faster than traditional manufacturers. The Production is done at a fast pace but it never affects our product’s quality. You always get products that excel in quality, look, design, and premium feel.

Affordable prices just for you

Most Affordable Prices, You'll Never Find Anywhere

We offer affordable rates without adding any third-party taxes. As we have access to all raw materials locally, we don’t need to pay dozens of extra taxes for outsourcing these materials. So, the products made at Experto are much cheaper than the international rates while offering the same premium quality.

Innovation at its Best:
Download Experto's Company Profile and Discover How We Combine Traditional Craftsmanship with Cutting-Edge Technology!

Experto company Profile


If you want samples of products, provide us all your custom clothing requirements. Our professional team will start working immediately on the designing and manufacturing of the samples for timely delivery. After your approval of our clothing product samples, we will start working on your desired order. In case the sample of our clothing product  is not approved you can also ask for more changes if required. Our team is 24/7 available to assist you.

NOTE: The sampling of all products is 100% FREE, but there will be some shipping charges.



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