Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before using our service.

These are the terms and conditions which governs the use of this website and all the agreements between the User and the Company. Terms and conditions set all the rights and obligations of all Users/Visitors regarding the use of our website.


You acknowledge that your access and use of our services depends on your acceptance and compliance with our Terms and Conditions. We make sure these Terms and Conditions applies to all the visitors, users or anyone who accesses and make use of our website.

If you are accessing our services you must agree to our Terms and Condition. And you must represent that you are over age of 18, as we do not allow those under 18 to use our services.

Your information

If you want to place an order using our services. We may ask you about certain information related to your order without limitations including, your name, email address, contact phone number, credit card data, billing information and your shipping information.

You warrant that you have the legal right to use any type of credit or debit card, other payment transfer method for your order and also that the information you have submitted is true, correct and complete.

On submitting this information you grant us the right to provide or deliver this information to third party payment processing facilities for the completion of your order.


The records of our customers are confidential, therefore will never be disclosed to any third party other than our manufacturer/supplier or appropriate authorities. And all our customers has the right to request for the data or record we have about them.

 Any information we have collected about our clients through trails (it means the trails you leave as you interact with our site) is reviewed internally and is discarded after. Your trust is very important to us, that’s why we will never do anything to violate that trust.

Errors and Inaccuracies

We are trying to constantly update our goods availability and services.  You may find some of our goods or services to be described inaccurately, or unavailable and there may happen some delays in updating information about our goods or services.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information, including images of our products, content, specifications or availability of services. We also reserve the right to make any changes or update information for the purpose of error and inaccuracies correction.

Order cancellation

Please note that the order cannot be cancelled once approved. Or if the ordered products has been delivered to you.  You need to understand that all these products were made according to your custom requirements and we have no use of them. In case you somehow fail to reply or approve the samples sent to you, within a month. All the orders will be set on hold.

Refund policy

Experto always provides its customers with finest made good that are passed through strict quality controls.  At the time of order we follow all the specifications and instructions given by the customers, any changes required at that time are notified and confirmed. We do not accept returns or refund of any custom products once the order has been placed or the goods has been shipped. You can ask for any type of media like pictures or videos to show you your followed instructions and specifications.

Production delays

The production of any type of goods totally depends on the communication between the customer and our Company. The production cannot be started unless the customer’s approval. This may cause the cause some delay in the production.

In addiction, delays can also occur due to some factors like fabric unavailability or other issues. Other than these factors, there will be not delays in our production.  However, we will always get in touch with you along the whole production process and provide you frequently updates about it.


If a customer has requested for product samples, all the sample orders are shipped with piece pricing plus freight costs.  The samples are usually marked with style number, color, size and description.


We always try our best to ship the orders received at earliest, but it’s never guaranteed. All the purchase orders are also processed the same day they are received. Experto will not be responsible for any damage, loss, delay or non-delivery of caused by the selected carrier.

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